Struct cogset::BruteScan [-] [+] [src]

pub struct BruteScan<'a, P: Point + 'a> {
    // some fields omitted

A point collection where queries are answered via brute-force scans over the whole list.

Points are represented via their indices into the list passed to new.


impl<'a, P: Point> BruteScan<'a, P>

fn new(p: &'a [P]) -> BruteScan<'a, P>

Create a new BruteScan.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a, P: Point> Points for BruteScan<'a, P>

type Point = usize

impl<'a, P: Point> ListPoints for BruteScan<'a, P>

type AllPoints = Range<usize>

fn all_points(&self) -> Range<usize>

impl<'a, P: Point> RegionQuery for BruteScan<'a, P>

type Neighbours = BruteScanNeighbours<'a, P>

fn neighbours(&self, point: &usize, eps: f64) -> BruteScanNeighbours<'a, P>