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Rust 1.0 in Numbers

By Huon Wilson20 May 2015

Rust 1.0 was made with0

1stable release
2‘Rust’ compilers
3bots on Github
4years of bootstrapping (7b95b5c is the innocuous commit of the first snapshot)
5years of git
~9years total
120.x releases
~28launch meetups
~53irc channels starting with #rust on
156people with project-flair on /r/rust
302comments on the most-commented pull request, #12081
312compiler snapshots for bootstrapping
363minutes spent hitting Github’s API to get the comment numbers here
365revisions to the Wikipedia page
406comments on the most (or maybe, least) popular RFC, #517
632tweets from @rustlang
~656gigabytes of Rust downloaded from on May 15 and 16
905users on
1,015contributors (according to AUTHORS.txt)
1,034contributors (according to git shortlog -sn)
1,286users on
2,076crates on
2,096questions tagged [rust] on Stack Overflow
~2,200forks of rust-lang/rust
5,552*.rs files
6,262merge commits from @bors
~7,000merged pull requests to rust-lang/rust (according to Github)
~7,617repositories in Rust on Github
10,246successful cargo publishs to
10,500subscribers to /r/rust
~11,000stars on Github
~11,600closed issues
11,669emails sent to the (now unused) rust-dev mailing list
~11,900total pull requests
12,012views of the release announcement on release day from Hacker News, the largest single source
~16,078comments on RFCs
~18,518comments on commits
22,293words in the largest single page of documentation, the reference (according wc -w)
22,693views of rust-lang/rust on release day
45,710total pageviews of the release announcement on release day
~50,936comments on issues in rust-lang/rust
58,163backticks `
61,563lines of not-Rust (according to cloc, not including git submodules)
~65,665comments on pull requests (we’re a talkative bunch!)
67,629words in the Book
~106,000results returned by a Google search for ‘rustlang’
169,525lines of Rust in src/test
182,267lines added/removed by the single largest commit 5f066e0 (according to git show --shortstat)
332,721lines of Rust in the libraries & compiler
~1,000,000messages sent to #rust over the year before the release (according to my IRC logs)
2,070,539downloads from
3,575,149total deleted lines over the whole history (according to git log --shortstat)
4,263,472total added lines
27,466,060bytes of files in the 1.0 source tree
code breakage in the lead up

Happy 1.0!

  1. I’ve tried to get the numbers that apply leading up to the 1.0 release exactly, e.g. using the exact tag of the release for code related things, and generally trying to show the value as it was on/before May 15. I’ve put a ~ on particularly dubious numbers and those for which I can’t get the true 1.0 value, but most probably have too many significant figures anyway: this definitely isn’t meant to be at all scientific.