Recently landed pull requests

# Title Landing time (UTC) Merge Graphs
18282regex: Fix parsing of character classes2014-10-29 18:174769bca1mem buildbot
18375update keyword list2014-10-29 15:17dd711360mem buildbot
18365syntax::token module modernization2014-10-29 10:223bc54537mem buildbot
18340Guide: Closures: minor wording fixes2014-10-29 06:36124508demem buildbot
18410Revert "enable parallel codegen by default"2014-10-29 02:261effc9e1mem buildbot
17603Remove ty_bot from the type system2014-10-28 22:111652a1f2mem buildbot
18291DSTify [T]/str extension traits2014-10-28 19:5698bbccf2mem buildbot
17851Add to the repo2014-10-28 17:473fa2b565mem buildbot
18273Changes a little the description of take in the guide2014-10-28 14:36d1bfd651mem buildbot
18386Avoid O(n^2) performance by checking reduced set of obligations2014-10-28 12:2658dc0a05mem buildbot
18254Improved examples on Vec documentation2014-10-28 10:119a778bc5mem buildbot
18127alloc: Make deriving more friendly with Arc2014-10-28 08:01faed6489mem buildbot
18192split platform definitions out of mk/platform.mk2014-10-28 05:463f37e2efmem buildbot
18144Fix monomorphization of unboxed closures2014-10-28 03:26823f8054mem buildbot
18368Rolling up PRs in the queue2014-10-27 23:02bd7138ddmem buildbot
17978Remove cat_discr2014-10-27 16:57e05c3b77mem buildbot Added variants of `valopt`/`opt` that do not automatically `putvar`2014-10-27 12:02e2cd4597mem buildbot
18348debuginfo: Set RUST_TEST_TASKS to 1 again for LLDB tests2014-10-27 07:52a0efafbdmem buildbot
18130Make UdpStream block until the next non-empty msg and deprecate it.2014-10-27 03:57a93e9c20mem buildbot
18143Improve shootout-reverse-complement2014-10-26 16:42f0374524mem buildbot
18212Add as_unsafe_cell() for Cell and RefCell2014-10-26 06:37cb943b7dmem buildbot
18293global allocator improvements2014-10-25 20:57f168c12cmem buildbot
18176Guide: articulate the advantages of ownership over garbage collection.2014-10-25 09:1780e5fe1amem buildbot
18171Overhaul typechecking of patterns2014-10-25 07:07a34b8decmem buildbot
18080Add assume intrinsic2014-10-25 00:32172b59abmem buildbot
16388Print stack overflow messages for Linux and OS X2014-10-24 17:32a10917a6mem buildbot
17813Add a lint for not using field pattern shorthands2014-10-24 15:12083578ddmem buildbot
17896add intmax2014-10-24 03:2200cc6d24mem buildbot
17960improve clone_from_slice performance2014-10-24 01:02c53f8a92mem buildbot
17683Part of #6993: Move a bunch of uses of Ident to Name2014-10-23 20:2256d544f7mem buildbot
18253Improve code in the intro.2014-10-23 16:57091b9811mem buildbot
18217Fix issue #17848 (Questionable advice in bug report instructions)2014-10-23 11:3737f2db76mem buildbot
17868Add support for run-pass-valgrind tests2014-10-23 05:278a408546mem buildbot
18224Add test for issue #175942014-10-22 23:5796991e93mem buildbot
18092debuginfo: Activate LLDB tests on Darwin.2014-10-22 21:327d7e4098mem buildbot
17846rustdoc: hide private traits in strip-private pass2014-10-22 16:479f0c29afmem buildbot
18230Guide: Adapt range values to variable name2014-10-22 14:321d647564mem buildbot
18223Adjust orphan rules to consider all input types, not just self type.2014-10-22 09:22d44ea720mem buildbot
18141Parser: Fix spans of explicit self arg idents2014-10-22 07:077088c45emem buildbot
18213enable parallel codegen by default2014-10-22 04:42c29a7520mem buildbot
18121Make method calls use trait matching infrastructure2014-10-22 00:223d2cf606mem buildbot